Commercial HVAC Installations

Our expertise lays in commercial hvac installation and repair projects. With many years of experience, we take into account all the do’s and don’ts in order to minimize the costs and times to repair. 

  • Always size the systems carefully 

If systems are undersized for heating/cooling loads, the space will not come to temperature on the cooler and warmer days of the season. Oversizing a system can cause short cycling equipment, premature damage and larger than needed install costs. 

  • Using the correct equipment for each job 

Commissioning of equipment is paramount to the operation of the equipment. If equipment is not properly commissioned there can be many issues starting from premature wear to actual life-threatening situations. All of our installations are properly commissioned and tested before we complete the job. We don’t walk away from the job until the job is done correctly. 

Taking future into consideration is something we like to consider before deciding on the type of equipment for each job. Are there going to be alterations to the building coming up in the future? Is the heating/cooling load going to change? Is this system a critical functioning system? 

All of these things will determine what types of systems and what recommendations that we provide. For example; if you have a server room with critical function we would normally recommend that you have contingency cooling for a backup to prevent damage to your servers in the case that one of the systems fail. 

If you know that there is going to be an extension put on to your building in the future, but don’t want to spend the money on a system for the entire building at the moment, there are lots of different options of systems that can be added on to in the future. Taking the steps to put in the proper equipment will save great costs in the future. 

  • Keeping up with new technology and equipment 

In this field of ever evolving equipment and technology it is very important to keep up with new technology and know its ins and outs. With the implementation of new technology comes bumps along the road and a lot of equipment that is hitting the market right now has not been perfected. 

  • Careful transition to new equipment. 

We dig deep into new products and identify issues and find solutions to prevent further problems and address the situations sometimes before they happen. We identify problem equipment and recommend against installing it and tell you why. When retrofitting older equipment to new technology equipment you need to know the right steps to take and what you may run into. 

Here at WATT HVAC our technicians have installed countless projects and have a keen eye for identifying problems before they happen. We look forward to designing and installing any of your commercial needs. 

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Escala Manager

I am a building manager of a luxury high-rise in Vancouver. Bobby Watt served this building during my tenure. He is extremely knowledgeable, conscientious, reliable, and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Watt HVAC to any residential or commercial property.

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