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In Vancouver, the majority of condos do not have air conditioning. Due to global warming, our city is getting warmer every year and some living spaces are almost unlivable in our summer months. Having a condo that you need to keep the blackout blinds closed all summer with a loud portable air conditioner running with tubes out of the window sound familiar? 

When it comes to air conditioning installation in Vancouver, WATT HVAC has taken this into consideration to transform condos into comfortable living spaces year-round: 

  •  Using high efficiency heat pumps & ductless split air conditioning systems 

High efficiency heat pumps are not only much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than electric baseboard heating systems, they are also a much more comfortable way of dispersing the heat. In houses, the most common way of heating is by forced air furnace. 

With this type of system, you are able to filtrate your air on a yearly basis by leaving the fan running. You can not only keep your house from excess dust buildup, but you can also filter out pet hair and unwanted allergens from your air stream. With ductless split air conditioning systems, you also get this advantage. 

  •  Specialize in single zone wall mount ductless split systems to multi zone slim ducted systems 

We at WATT HVAC have the ability to make simple or complex systems. From simple single zone wall mount ductless split systems to multi zone slim ducted systems integrated with home automation systems. When we install our systems, our goal is to make them look like they were there from the time the building was built. 

  •  Maintain the original design and function of the units 

We don’t run the lines on the outside of the walls or take shortcuts which end up looking poor and affecting function of the units. With the slim duct systems, we can create designs that can actually make your apartment look better than before. With adding light features and drop ceilings for ducting that can double as valance for blinds. 

  • Keep the ambient noise from the systems to a minimum 

The systems we install are whisper quiet and when running all you notice is that you are comfortable and your air is clean. We take the upmost pride in our work and are excited to have the opportunity to work with you. 

What our clients saying about us

Simon Griffiths

Bobby from Watt HVAC completed a complex project within a heritage building in downtown Vancouver’s historic Gastown district. The entire project went as planned (budget and timing) and we are very pleased with outcome. Bobby was professional and made us feel confident in his recommended solution, which turned out to be the correct one.

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